Symptoms - Körperorientierte Traumatherapie Traumasensitives Yoga

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Examples of symptoms

• The feeling of being back in the traumatic situation again
• Uncontrollable images and thoughts
• Psychological or physical reactions when thinking of the event
• Nightmares
• Sleep disorders
• Feeling cut off from yourself – physically and emotionally
• Avoiding places, people and thoughts that remind you of the event
• Memory gaps
• Extreme alertness
• Concentration disorders
• Nervousness and jumpiness
• Feelings of isolation and numbness
• Irritability
• Difficulties in the contact with other people

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Goals of the trauma therapy

• Feeling safe and at home in your body
• No longer being overwhelmed by your feelings
• Being able to relax and enjoy
• Having good contact with yourself and your body
• Being lively and confident, and developing your visions and plans
• Experiencing a good quality of life and vitality
• Feeling your own strength
• The ability to perform and enjoyment of your achievements
• Having good contact with others and cultivating loving relationships

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