Sequence of groups - Körperorientierte Traumatherapie Traumasensitives Yoga

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Sequence of groups

  • • The group sessions last 50 minutes.  

    • We practice in "normal" street clothes while sitting on chairs and/or in a standing position. If everyone agrees, we can also use yoga mats.  
    • The groups are separated according to gender.  
    • The exercises and instructions are designed so that the focus is on each person's inner experience.
    • The offer of alternatives allows participants the choice of how, how long, how intensively, etc. they want to do the asana or breath exercise.  
    • I only correct verbally or by example and never by touch. I also only correct when there is the possibility that participants could injure themselves. I do not address "errors," so no one needs to fear being embarrassed.
    • There are no right or wrong ways to perform an asana.
    • I demonstrate the respective exercises and alternatives. The participants practice the variations that appeal to them.
    • I accompany the group with my voice,
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